Owner & Instructor – Pole | Spin Pole | Lyra | PeeWee Polers | Pole Silks

Sierra-a.k.a. LOVE Bunny-started taking pole classes at LOVE in August of 2012. She had never taken dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, or any other sport, but after her very first class, she was hooked. It wasn’t so much the dancing or performance part that she was drawn to, but the sisterhood. Having a sanctuary full of beautiful, strong and encouraging women, she could feel comfortable with her body and learn how to own it.

Atmosphere Lyra Certifified // Aerius Spinning Pole Fitness Certified // SILVER – LYRA 1 @ NEAAC 2014



Owner & Instructor – Pole Dance | Pole Fitness | Chair Dance | Floorwork | Conditioning

Tobin is a mother, business owner, and pole athlete. She began polling in 2010, and from the moment she touched that shiny chrome, she knew she was hooked! Tobin took second place in the Level 4 Dramatic category at Northeast Aerial Arts Championships in 2015. She has studied under Jamilla DeVille, Samantha Star, Karol Helms, and more. With two Pole Fitness certifications, Tobin enjoys teaching safe and challenging Pole Fitness classes.





Instructor – Pole | Personal Trainer | Conditioning | Aerobics | Welness

Norma is a pole fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, weight management consultant, ski instructor and motorcycle safety instructor. Her love of teaching, in many different areas, as helped countless individuals achieve their personal goals.

X-Pert Certified


Sara Bee

Instructor – Floorwork & Transitions | Pole Dance | Pole Fitness

In October of 2013, Sara tried pole fitness on a whim. Her very first class was at LPF, and it was love at first spin! Sara loves pole not only for the physical and emotional benefits, but also for the glittery platform shoes and powerful heel clacks, which should never be done in moderation.

GOLD – POLE 2 @ NEAAC 2014 / GOLD – POLE 3 NEAAC 2016 // X-Pert Certified



Instructor – Lyra | Pole | Freestyle

Lindsey has been dabbling in pole since 2012 and found lyra in early 2013 while attempting to lose weight and get healthy. She was hooked from the very first class! By the end of that year, Lindsey had met her weight loss goal, won her first first-place medal in lyra, and found a whole new level of confidence.

PRO LYRA @ CPC 2016 // SILVER – EXOTIC POLE @ APC 2017 // GOLD – LYRA L2 @ APC 2015 // GOLD – LYRA L1 @ NEAAC 2015




Instructor – Pole | Pole Tricks | Handstands

Jen started pole dancing in 2010, thanks to a little curiosity and a Groupon deal, and was instantly hooked. Without a dance, gymnastics, or fitness background, Jen has often taken the “long road” to achieving most of her pole milestones and continues to enjoy the tricks, combos, (and more recently, competition choreographies) that challenge her the most. She loves bringing that enjoyment of the journey to others in her pole community and is grateful for the balance pole (and other pole dancers) bring to her life in return.





Instructor – Booty Build-Up | Pole

Lucia started at LPF in 2014 with zero dance background and a reserved demeanor. Since then she’s embraced the power of the booty and unlocked the sassy diva within. She loves the exotic, sensual, and fluid side of pole coupled with a twerk and hair flip or two. Lucia finds empowerment through pole and loves growing her self-confidence with each spin revolution and climb.




Instructor – Pole | Pole Tricks | Handstands

Always looking for a new challenge, Gabrielle decided to give pole fitness a try for the first time in 2013. She got certified soon after and started teaching. She likes to continuously challenge her students to excel, while also giving them a great workout. Gabrielle comes from a lifetime of activity, including dance, gymnastics and cheerleading. She ran the Boston Marathon in 2010. She also loves boxing and fought for Haymakers for Hope Belles of the Brawl in 2014, raising over $5,000 for cancer research. Gabrielle is an RN by day and holds 2 degrees. When she’s not teaching pole fitness, she enjoys working out, doing mud races and traveling.