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Studio Policies


For the benefit of LOVE and our students, please review the following terms and policies:

All payments are non-refundable or transferable for any reason, including but not limited to vacation, illness, injury or any other occurrence.  

24-hour notice is required if a student is not able to attend a class s/he has signed up for. Failure to text, call or email in the event of an emergency will result in the following: 

      •Unlimited month students will be charged $25 per class missed 

      •Punch card holders will lose a class on their card per class missed 

When signing up for an unlimited membership, students are under contract for the duration of the time outlined and are obligated to pay on time each month. Declined card transactions will result in a $25.00 fee, and early cancellation of a contract membership will result in a $75.00 fee. These guidelines are intended to keep LOVE Pole Fitness a fun, functional and fabulous place to work out! There is a minimum requirement of 3 students per class. An instructor may cancel any class that has fewer than 3 students.  Any cancellations done by LOVE will not result in a fee.  

Scheduling and content of activities are subject to change without notice.  

Please, no phone calls, texting, videos, or photos in class without the explicit permission of the instructor. 

Body shaming of any kind will not be tolerated.  

If a student is more than 10 minutes late for class, s/he will not be able to participate. The classes offered at LOVE can be rigorous, and missing the warm up is not safe.  

Sign up for class through Punchpass. Teachers are not responsible for signing up or canceling students for any classes. Issues with Punchpass can be emailed to lovepolefitness@hotmail.com  

We appreciate your understanding, and we look forward to sharing our LOVE!  

Thank you!  

-The Love Pole Fitness Family